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Euskal Encounter, one of the biggest LAN Parties in Europe, starts today in Bilbao


Apart from being the largest computer party for computer and ICT amateurs and professionals in the South of Europe, Euskal Encounter 23 is now between the “world’s fastest” events of its kind. It has been confirmed by Sabino San Vicente, representative of Euskaltel Konekta Foundation, the party organiser that offers a 40 Gbps symmetrical Internet connection (the same download and upload speed) to the 6,000 participants and thousands of visitors to the meeting. All this, along with the multiple conferences, competitions and activities scheduled, contributes to a 4-day-long mega event of international reference. The party, with “Screening Ideas” as this year’s motto, will take place between today and the 26th of July in the BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre) of Barakaldo, organised and sponsored by Euskaltel Konekta with the contribution of the Basque Government, through SPRI, and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Technical advantages, along with a wide offer of activities and tournaments, make Euskal Encounter a growingly attractive experience for thousands of followers. Their enthusiastic support was proven by the speed in which the 4,096 computer seats were sold out “in only six minutes”. “We had to close the online registration half an hour after opening it because there were already more than 1,000 people in the waiting list: a number that makes us reconsider our future”, has pointed out San Vicente. The party organiser has announced that, due to the growing demand, Euskaltel Konekta is thinking about increasing the number of seats in the future events. This project of growth would consolidate Euskal Encounter as one of the most important computer parties in the world.

In the words of Nerea Lupardo, director of Institutional Relations at Euskaltel and director of Euskaltel Konekta Foundation, “Euskal Encounter is making history: we are a model for many parties that are trying to imitate our organisational skills and internet connection speed.”


Another important aspect this year will be Euskal Encounter’s formative offer, that will be “bigger than ever”, as Sabino San Vicente informed. There will be an open area for visitors and general public, Opengune, that will host free lectures and workshops dealing with a great variety of topics, such as technology related entrepreneurship, gamification, wireless network security, domotics, robotics, 3D printing or video games and education, between many others.

The public company SPRI, assigned to the Basque Government, through Enpresa Digitala, has collaborated in the organisation of multiple lectures and training programs directed to professionals, entrepreneurs and to the general public.

Euskal Encounter will also count with dozens of activities in areas such as digital art, free software, hardware and video games. Gaming is one of the most successful sections with more than 20 tournaments, the greatest number of video game competitions in the country. In fact, this is the most popular activity between the party followers, with 80% of the participants playing a video game during the 4-day event. In total, Euskal Encounter 23 will offer 48 conferences and workshops and 42 competitions in the following categories: 20 in gaming, 15 in digital art, 3 in hardware, 4 in free software and the rest in leisure activities.

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