League of Legends

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League of Legends

Description: The game consists of sessions where two teams take on each other by means of champions summoned by the players, represented by the figure of a summoner. The summoner acts as a permanent element in the gameplay and provides the statistics and scores of each player.

Type of competition: 5v5

Winner of the match: the team that completely destroys the rival’s nexus or which forces the rival to surrender.

Length of the series: BO1. It will be decided depending on the participants.

The semi-final and finals will be held at BO3


Restrictions: there are no restrictions on objects or champions at the moment. At the referee’s discretion, restrictions can be added during the tournament.


Mode: Draft mode (or random mode, if it is a manual recruitment)

Champion pick: the draft mode will be used. The players may only select champions that have been previously unlocked or which are available at that time by means of rotating champions. Random picking is not allowed.

Map: Crevasse of the Summoner (summer), 5v5.

Pause and disconnections: The game can be paused provided that that are proper grounds to do so. Those grounds include loss of connection of any player for reasons beyond their control. If the player leaves the game voluntarily, the match will play on.

Should the servers of the game go down during the match, the players should notify the organisers so that a decision can be taken.

Foul play: the following actions will be considered as foul play:

(1) The use of any cheats and hints and/or map pirating program.

(2) A wilful break of the connection .

(3) The use of any configuration that exceeds the permitted and standard configuration.

(4) Clearly allowing the rival to win.

(5) Unsportsmanlike or, in general, disruptive (for example shouting), inappropriate behaviour and/or unprofessional actions aimed at another player (even within the match itself). The use of an in-game error that the referees have branded as unfair.

(6) If any player is discovered to be involved in foul play, that player, at the sole discretion of the referees, may receive a warning, forfeit the match or, in extreme cases, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

(7) During the event, the referees may establish other actions to punish foul play.

(8) Any “unnecessary talking” during the fight. “Unnecessary talking” is considered any type of talking that is due to the following cases:

(a) greeting messages between players.

(b) a sign of defeat (for example: gg, GG, or any other message that the referee may use to decide the winner).

(c) talking between the players that does not breach the unsportsmanlike behaviour clause.

(d) any message that the referees deems to be part of the game.

In an offline tournament, if a referees decides that the external conditions (press, team leader, player, spectator, etc.) offer or have offered an unfair advantage to a player, the latter may be given a warning or automatically loose the fight, at the sole discretion of the referee.

Final clauses: The aforementioned rules may be amended in the following cases:

(1) if the referees of the tournament, at their sole discretion, decide to adopt the latest patch of version of each official game;

(2) if the referees of the tournament, at their sole discretion, decide to change the configuration and the required options of the game to use the most updated version of the game;

(3) if the referees of the tournament, at their sole discretion, decide to use a new protection program against cheats and hints and//or other protection features against cheats and hints;

(4) if the referees of the tournament, at their sole discretion, decide to change the configuration of the game and/or other operations due to the differences between the online tournaments and the offline tournaments.


The organisation is not responsible for the equipment provided by the participants.

The general regulations will apply along with these rules.

In any event, the organiser’s decision takes precedence over the rules.