Euskal Encounter

BEC Bizkaia 26-29 July 2012
euskaltel fundazioa



Scene is an international digital art movement that emphasize on computer technology as just another medium that can transport ideas and styles, show off skills and express opinions etc.. Mainly, there are three parts: digital image, digital music and code programming.

Take part in the competition with your creation.


Modding, apart from modificating, changing and personalising equipments, components peripherics and even their standing furniture, is also an activity which joins creativity and skill together. So as to share and enjoy it, this section has been created.


Free software

Euskal Encounter cannot, and indeed, does not want to let down a steadily growing movement in the computer world such as Free software. And thus, this year we will also be having related competitions.


Take part and challenge your friends in a very wide range of competitions in this Euskal Encounter edition. You can't afford to miss out!

Assorted activities

We will inform you punctually about a wide range of activities that will take place.


The next edition of GameGune professional gaming competition will be held in the Euskal Encounter 20.


Once again Euskal Encounter offers the most interesting talks.


Main screen projections

During the event different intro and demo projections will be made, including works for retro platforms such as 8bits or AMIGA.

Phase One by Capsule, projected during Euskal 9

Help us in the works projection
Should you wish to helpus with your own works or others’, or what is more, should you like to prepare a projection sesion, do not hesitate and contact us.

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