Euskal Encounter

BEC Bizkaia 22-25 July 2011
euskaltel fundazioa

General rules for taking part

Any entry not abiding by these rules will be automatically disqualified.

All entries must include a text file (.txt) detailing the author or authors, and a contact e-mail address.

Entries must not have been released before.

Apart from the fast compos, whose theme will be announced during the party, you are free to bring your entries in an already finished state to the party, and that's indeed the recommended way, in order to make the most of the party.

Every asset which is used in an entry must either be free of third party rights (i.e. it must have been entirely created by the authors, belong to the public domain or have a Creative Commons license with Derivatives) or either the author must have a valid license to use the asset (for example, in the case of audio samples or commercial photography, the author must have paid the appropriate license fee).

In addition, the following rules also apply to the entries submitted to the Demo, Intro and Game compos: * We'll accept entries for any programmable platform. This includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Java, Consoles, Mobile Phones, Browsers (Javascript/WebGL/Flash/Unity3D/Silverlight...), Calculators... * No data must be written to the hard disk; if need be, files should be written to the system's temp directory and deleted when the entry finishes. * Pressing ESC, the left mouse button (in Amiga) or similar equivalent actions in any other platform must result in the entry exiting instantly. Otherwise the entry will be disqualified. * The entry must run without administrative or superuser privileges. * In the event that there is a huge amount of entries, we might show only the first ten minutes of each one, although they can be longer.

Main screen projections

During the event different intro and demo projections will be made, including works for retro platforms such as 8bits or AMIGA.

Phase One by Capsule, projected during Euskal 9

Help us in the works projection
Should you wish to helpus with your own works or others’, or what is more, should you like to prepare a projection sesion, do not hesitate and contact us.

How to take part in the Scene

flecha_verde General rules for taking part
flecha_verde Competition computer
flecha_verde Scene jury

Lisence for work presentation

Work presentation will be made under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. No matter the author points any other license or none.

Places for Sceners

So that Sceners presence in this event will be relevant, they will be located near the main screen beside other Scene members. Ask for a place in this area.