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2009 activities







"Mundos de bolsillo" exhibition
Has your gran’pa shown you his pocket console yet?
Have you seen the latest console on sale? If you are curious about the technology that brought videogames into your pocket you cannot miss RetroEuskal exhibition.


"Galaxian" huge retromatch  Let’s get the Guinness!
If last year’s Space Invaders retromatch surprised you, this year you will have even more reasons to join in our Galaxian huge match, for we want to have it registered by the Guinness book of records.

Last year’s retromatch video


8 and16 bit computers which never stopped evolution thanks to the users’ communities. If you met them then come to enjoy them again, and if you don’t happen to have ever had one of them meet them now and have a game.
All the party round in the Retroeuskal stand.


Workshops and talks
No matter if you are a retrocomputing amateur or you have just started walking this way, RetroEuskal organises the best Workshops and talks for you.


"Open Ars Games" talk
RetroEuskal brings the monthly Edition of the OPEN-ARSGAMES project to Bilbao.
OPEN-ARSGAMES is currently a main reference in Spain for academic Studies, arts and videogames. On this occasion we will analyse what word do videogames have as an arts and culture expression.


Classical videogames tournament

How many times did you save The Earth from alien invasion? How many princesses did you rescue from a cursed castle? When did you complete your last lap in LeMans?

Only this RetroEuskal tournament will decide whether you are the joystick master with classical videogames that never go out of fashion.


Is there no rival for you at skill proofs? And what if we propose you even more difficult ones? Would you dare? If you wish to have a good time these are the olympic games you are looking for.
No matter you are a retromaniac or not.


Compos demoescena 8 bits
Integrated in the Euskal Encounter official sections, here you can show your ability to create arts despite technical limitations.
This year: 8bits graphics competition, 8 bits music competition.

"La hora de los 8 bits"
So that you can see what is going on in the international demoscene around 8bits, we select and project yearly the very best.
Don’t be amazed if a retro video comes up from time to time ;)



“La morgue del Dr. Retro”
If your elderly toy is worn out, or it needs mending but you never thought you would be able to do it, you were plumb wrong. Take your old 8 bit computer and any tools you have and we will help you fix it or improve its features with the latest hardware.

"Mondo Pixel Vol-2" presentation
Directed by John Tones, designed by Eunice Szpillman and edited by Editorial Tébar, Mondo Píxel still works with the best journalist in the specialised videogaming area: Javier Candeira, Raúl Barrantes, Dr. Boiffard, S.T.A.R., David Catalina and many other people both from the first volume and also new arrivals.
Classical videogames of course are present in this publication.
After the presentation, John Tones and Javier Sánchez will sign the book yo can buy at  RetroEuskal’s shop.



RE-store, the RetroEuskal shop
Books, T-shirts and all the retro stuff. Come to our shop and you will get the best souvenir from your visit to RetroEuskal.


The platform brotherhood dinner. No matter if you started with a Spectrum, Amstrad or Atari...or even if your first computer was a PC. What really matters in this dinner is to have a great time.


Several activities in RetroEuskal have nice prizes such as t-shirts, games for your console or PC...
You can get the latest portable console in the market in our museum!



You may found detailed information on the activities by RetroEuskal'09 here.