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2009 activities

Euskal Encounter Radio

If you fancy being up to date with whatever is in the party you cannot miss our radio. Thanks to a shoutcast server, you will be able to listen to all we will broadcast. As it is the Euskal Encounter radio, therefore, yours, we have prepared several sections in which you can take part. If you are interested, e-mail us on with your name, place and the activity in which you are interested.

Discussion and round tables:

Euskal opening – Thursday 23rd at 12:30pm
We want you to tell us your expectations for this edition, what you are hoping to do, which activities you like best...

Social nets – Thursday 23rd at 16:30pm
Their appearance has meant many people joining them, but also some other people’s rejection.
Are they really useful? And microblogging?

Heroes – Friday 24th at 16:30pm
Round table in Basque on one of the upcoming series. What do you think about the dubbing in Basque? Do you feel it would have been better to watch it in original version?

Lost – Friday 24th at 18:00pm
Discussion on how the series is going. What is hiding on the island? What is your favourite story? What do you really think it isd happening?

Free Software– Saturday 25th at 16:30pm
Pros and cons of its use at home and in companies. Different standpoints, present and future. Are you for or against?

Gamers in Euskal – Saturday 25th at 18:00pm
A discussion for video game fans; Counter Strike, Pro Evolution Soccer, Street Fighter IV…
Which one do you like best?

We are looking for a blogger willing to tell us his experiences, a retrocomputing expert, old Counter Strike players who want to pay homage to the game in its 10th anniversary...Do you have any skill or interest you want to share with us? We are waiting for you!

Amateur music bands
If you and your friends have a band this is your chance to get to be known at the party. You can bring in a demo, tell us shortly your story, and even play live.

Should you believe all these interesting and you are willing to help, write to us!