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2009 activities

Future modding tournament



In the Future Zone there will be several activities organised by Future Works such as practical workshops, exhibitions, and the national modding competition “Future Modding Tournament” which this years is coming with plenty of news, for instance the new Laptop modding category, with HP gifted laptops, contests and talks with presents by  ICY BOX, new challenges in the “Overclocking Tournament by Gigabyte” and so many other surprise.

Competition will be divided into four categories:

In order to see rules for specific competitions visit:

Among the foreseen activities there will be “How to make your PC silent” workshop which is a practical work session where we will show participants how to use several usual materials as well as some specific products by TACENS, in order to get their computers silent. A computer will be draw –chosen among participants to use it as an example. This workshop includes free hardware materials, so attendance must necessarily be limited.



 “NAS storage systems” will consist of a talk on mass storage in net devices, NAS systems using at home, digital leisure appliances and net safety copies, with product exhibition and presents for attendants.



 “Combined vinyl and paint techniques” is a workshop consisting of a theoretical introduction as well as a practical work session where attendants will be shown how to perform their own designs on their computers.





 “Introduction to overclocking” is a talk where attendants will be taught how to get the maximum out of their processing units, memory and graphic cards thanks to advanced freezing, adjustements on the computer BIOS and several software utilities. There will also be presents by Gigabyte and Kingston for attendants.



overclocking tournament by gigabyteoverclocking tournament by gigabyte