Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel








Day Hour Orokorra Scene Hardware Free software Games GameGune Other activities Talks
Thursday 11.00           Competition start    
  15.00     Material delivery for Fast modding teams          
  18.00 Official opening session              
  19.00               Euskaltel Cablemodem
  21.00               Antispam filtering techniques
  22.00         Need for Speed, Warcraft 3 and Trackmania competition start   Concert  
  23.00   Works projection            
Friday 10.00         Gaming competitions start Quake 3 competition start    
  11.00           Counter Strike competition start   GPL NiiMe projects
  12.00     Introduction and video on the Future area          
  13.00     Inscription and evaluation for the Modding contest          The media and  web 2.0: readers' relevance 
  16.00             Singstar inscription deadline  
  17.00     Extreme overclock open session        Cosplay competition Bloggers talk
        Sponsor's drawing lots and exhibition          
  17.30     Modding workshop: vinyl, paint and aerography  (1st part)          
  18.00             Singstar finals  
  19.30     Inscription and evaluation for the Modding contest           
  21.00               Introduction to Demoscene
  22.00       Foss-coding contest     Freak concert  
  23.00   Works projection            
  24.00     Workshop close          
Saturday 11.00     1st go for Overclocking workshop       DDR inscription deadline OpenSolaris 2008.05
  12.00     Inscription and evaluation for the Modding contest        Guitar Hero inscription deadline  
  13.00               "Hobby" documentary and debate 
  16.00     Sponsor's drawing lots         Wii: Hardware, security, hacking and homebrew 
  16.30     2nd go of the Overclocking workshop  / Modding workshop: vinyl, paint and aerography  (2nd part)          
  17.00             DDR finals  Donearte
  18.00             Guitar Hero finals  
  18.30     Modding and overclocking competitions inscription and evaluation           
  19.00           Counter Strike competition Grand Final   Videoconsoles in Spain: irruption and development 
  21.00               Access to new technologies on image and video 
  22.00       Foss-coding deadline     Film dubbing and photography contest  deadline/ Concert byMeneo  
  23.00   Works projection            
  23.30     Finalists projection          
  00.30     Future Tournament award giving          
  1.00     Workshop close          
Sunday 11.00             Bags race  
  12.00     Extreme overclocking exhibition     Quake 3 competition Grand Final Mascots parade/ CD and DVD throw  
  13.00             Photography contest deadline  
  15.00     Fast modding deadline          
  17.00 Award giving ceremony              
  19.00 Net disconnection and end of Euskal Encounter 16