Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

Extreme Overclocking Workshop and Exhibition


Bring your computer to the Hardware area, where you can meet information and help to take up one of these modding disciplines.

Extreme Overclocking Workshop

In two different sessions, the first one at 11.30 on Saturday morning and at 4.30 in the afternoon that very day, several members from will show us life the experience of the most extreme Overclocking, with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. A practical talk on how you can take up this hobby and several computers with extreme cooling so that participants can experience the most radical OC. Two hours no one will be able to experience in no other party.


Extreme Overclocking Exhibition


On the 26th and 27th July you will be able to see an Extreme Overclock exhibition by the team at the Euskal Encounter 16 Hardware area. The best overclock by the best overclockers in Spain right in your hands. Up to 10 people will meet to get their computers under zero degrees in the biggest demonstration ever performed in a party.

Extreme Overclocking Open Session


Participants will be given a geneal explanation on Overclocking; the basics of this liking will be shown, and what is more, a benching session will be carried out. Apart from the already usual air and water cooling systems performers will have dry ice and several pots so as to take their computers to the very limits. Everyone will be allowed to come round and bring their computers to walk their first steps on this fascinating world.



We invite you to come round with your pots and take part in this extreme Overclocking session.