Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

Fast modding competition


Thanks to contibution by Tacens and Dremel, we will have the second Fast Modding competition.

Fast Modding competition rules:

- Only the first 6 inscriptions will be admitted. If any of them didn’t attend the following one would be appointed.

- Each team will receive a DREMEl and a TACENS case at 3.00 pm on the first day of the party. Should there be a team which for any reason is not able to be there at that time they must get in touch with the organisers or else they will be considered out of the competition.

- Teams will have at most 7 participants (a mod done by 3 people or by 7 will be equally calified, results are what matter)

- Participants will be allowed to use any method to perform the MOD, on condition that the case does not leave the premises of the workshop prepared for the competition which will be provided with electricity, workbench and several tools given by Dremel.

- Organisers will provide participants with as much material as possible, but the remaining will be on the participants hands.

- When cases are delivered the teams will have to show the components they will use, so that everyone starts up from the very beginning.

- It won’t be necessary to include any hardware in the case.

- The deadline is at 3.00 pm on the last day of the party.

Forum wire for further information:
Contact and inscriptions e- mail:

Elements to be evaluated:

Change level.
Paint work.
Metachrilate work.
Metal work.
Wood work.
Glass fiber work.
Other plastic work.
Other fabrics work.


First prize: Dremel 400 - Caja externa 3´5 USB SATA Ref: IB351
Second prize: Dremel Stylus - Caja externa 2´5 USB SATA Ref: IB281
Third prize: 200 spare pieces Dremel briefcase - Caja externa 2´5 USB SATA Ref: IB221