Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

Trackmania Nations Forever


A free game in the word’s tighest meaning. TrackMania Nations Forever allows driving at high speed on fantastic tracks, on your on or in multiplayer mode. Nations Forever will provide a new “Forever” version of the Stadium environment in one player mode and 65 new tracks of increasing difficulty. TrackMania Nations Forever will meet even more players than Nations, the original version, thanks to its to the multiplayer mode, innovative functions and revolutionary interactivity among players.





TrackMania Nations Forever




The latest available




4 players in Rounds


Brackets (winners/losers)

Recommended age








Especific competition rules


1.- General info.


1.1.- Trackmania.

The game to be used in the Euskal Encounter 16 competition will be TrackMania Nations Forever which can be unloaded from


1.2.- Regulation.

The organiser keeps his right to change the rules at a moment’s notice in order to update rules, maps or behaviours during the competition. You are advised to check rules from time to time so that you can be aware of changes.


1.3.- Execution

This regulation will be used for the official competition in Euskal Encounter 16.


2.- Game format.


2.1.- Standard game form

A 3 tracks pack will be played with 4 players in Rounds. Every race will be played to a maximum of 40 points and points will be delivered like this: 10 for the 1st one, 6 for the 2nd, 4 for the 3rd and 3 for the last one. After finishing the 3 tracks the first two players will pass on to the next step of the competition.


2.2.- When finishing the 3 tracks this method will be followed to determine the best two:

The first two participants will go on to the next step of the competition. In the brackets phase the first two will stay in winners and the last two in losers.

2.3.- Finals.

Final will be played taking the two best players from the winners bracket and the two best players from the losers bracket. They will play a 3 tracks final, two of them chosen by the winners players and the third one in accordance by the losers players.


The two players from winners will be given 12 and 10 points respectively bearing into account the place in which they got to the final. The same applies to the players coming from the losers bracket: they will be given 6 and 4 points respectively, according to the position they got to the final in.


Final classification will be the result of the points scored after finishing the 3 tracks to 40 points and adding up the points they already carried from previous competition steps. Draws will be solved in the same way as in the brackets phase.

3.- Tracks.

The tracks to be used in the competition will bo those provided by ESWC and can bo downloaded from: