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2008 activities

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008


Latest version of this successful saga. Real reproduction of every football feature, it is considered to be the best football simulator ever. It combines a wide range of movements with an exquisite control. Choose your favourite team and get ready your strategy.





Pro evolution soccer 2008




XBOX 360






1 vs 1


Groups/ direct qualifier

Recommended age






Competition will start on Friday at 10.00 am.

Competition rules

  • Step 1: Groups step. Groups of 4 teams, the 2 best qualify. Unique match.
  • Step 2: Direct qualifier 2 matches.
  • Teams: Selections and Clubs.
  • Match length: 10 minutes
  • Match type / Extra time: Only in the second match if there is a draw.
  • Penalties: Only in the second match if there is a draw.
  • Condition: At random.
  • Stadium: At random.
  • Weather: At random.
  • Season: At random.
  • Climate: At random.
  • Injury: Yes.
  • Camera: Default – long predefined.
  • Pauses per match: Unlimited if organisers are warned.
  • Matches: Once participants know who their rivals are, they will have to meet and play both matches on their group’s XBOX360. Once the match finished results must be sent using the games intranet GamEK.

1vs1 qualifiers

  • Direct qualifier.
  • Every qualifier will consist of two matches : back and forth.
  • Were there a draw goals away from home bear double value.

Behaviour / Bugs

  • Changing player’s values is forbidden.
  • Pausing is not allowed if the ball is inside the field. If a pause is needed the rivals should be warned.
  • Any other bug admins. considered necessary.