Euskal Enkounter 16

Organiza Fundación Euskaltel

2008 activities

2D Graphic


Maximum resolution: 1280x1024.

Maximum colors: 24 bits.

Allowed formats: PNG (recommended) and GIF.

JPEG format is not allowed in this competition.

Only one graphic per author is allowed.

The graphic can be done with programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Painter.

Besides the final graphic, the author must present a minimum of 10 steps previous to the final picture. If the final graphic is named GOGO.PNG, please use names like: GOGO01.PNG, GOGO02.PNG, ..., GOGO10.PNG and GOGO11.PNG in case of 10 steps. The GOGO01.PNG file is the oldest, and the GOGO11.PNG is the final graphic. It is allowed to present the steps compressed (ZIP or TGZ).

The bigscreen display procedure will be: first, the final graphic, then steps and finally the final graphic again.

Pictures based on or suspected to be based on a scan or digitalization won't be allowed. Neither will be repixeled ones nor photocompositions.

It is not allowed to use elements done in 3D programs such as Lightwave, 3d Studio, 3d Studio Max, Imagine, etc, etc.