Euskal Enkounter 15

2007 activities

Free software

As it has already turned out to be usual in the latest editions, Euskal Encounter cannot, and indeed, does not want to let down a steadily growing movement in the computer world such as Free software. And thus, this year we will also be having two related competitions: Real Time Battle and Hack it.

Hack it

Rules for the hacking or system assault competition this year are the following:


1.- In order to take part it is necessary to be previously registered. In order to do so you must send an e-mail to this address before Friday 20 at 9.00 pm. Any attendant to the party might take part.

2.- So that the first 5 levels can be considered solved you must send an e-mail at passing the 5 th one explaining how you did so. From then on an e-mail will be required for each level solved. These will be normal mails, i.e., without encoding. The address will be The hackit admin. will answer by saying whether the description was correct or not.

3.-The person or team who solves more levels by Sunday 23 at 12.00am will be the winner. Should there be more than one, the first one to have finished the last level will be the winner.


4.- You will be disqualified if you provide other users with clues.


5.- Every level can be solved without using physical strength against server, i.e., by using your brain. Should anyone use physical strength or dictionary attacks against the server, they will be immediately disqualified.

6.- Attempts to damage other participants, service denial attacks, level destruction or modification, or attempts to get additional information from the server by physically getting to it, will be equally disqualified. The target is breaking the proposed levels and not the server itself. This is extemely important, so bear it in mind whenever launching an attack.


The challenge is therefore based on a series of levels which must be solved by using intelligence and techniques. You can take part even not aiming to win the contest and thus, you might avoid detailed explanations.

7.-Taking part in this contes involves accepting all the previous conditions.


Real Time Battle

RealTimeBattle is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) game in which a robot's behaviour is programmed so that it fights in the arena against other robots programmed by other people.


This project started in August '98 inspired in RobotBattle, a very interesting game that authors used some years ago. However this game had some drawbacks: it was only available for Windows, and robots were written in an own language, which limited possibilities for writing intelligent robots. RobotBattle has been ever since in development, but it is not yet available for other operating systems. Thus the decision was made to create a UNIX programmation game which uses a modern OS features. You can get RealTimeBattle and read additional information on it in the website .




1.- RTB version will be 1.0.8 on GNU/Linux i386.


2.- Any programmation language robots will be accepted.


3.- Robot will be delivered compiled in Linux ELF (libc6) binary format. If the robot is programmed in an interpreted language it will be delivered without compiling. Anyway it must be accompanied by source code.


4.- If the robot is delivered in an interpreted language, it is essential that the author will be able to lend the interpreter for installation.


5.- Only a robot will be admitted for each participant.


6.- There will be a league competition, i.e., each robot will figth once against all the others. If robots number is big enough semi-finals and a final will also be played.


7.- Were there semi-finals, they would be played in a Circle Arena, whereas the final would be played in an square area (Nippon.arena).Both are RTB default.


8.- Options (Gravity, acceleration, etc.)will be left to default.


9.- Robots will be delivered:

Through the party's productions FTP.

Optionally, should you have any problems with the FTP, you might hand the file in the control desk.


10.- The file to be handed in will be one and it will contain:

A .robot extension executable.

A file_id.diz with the robot and author's data.

The source code. If it occupies several files it will be compressed to just one.


11.- Format can be gzip/bzip2/rar/zip/lha/arj/tar.


12.- The file name will be the author's handle (nick),, spock.tar.gz. In the same way, the robot's name /executable) will be that one of the author's handle.


13.- Competition can be seen on the Video-Wall.


14.- The winner will be the one who gets more points.Should there be a draw, all the equaled robots will be placed on the arena and the winner will be the one who in the end has more life points.


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