Euskal Encounter 14 Coding your life!
Last update: Jan-30-2007

Do these names ring you a bell? They talk about the machines that introduced some of us into this amazing world of computers. It was long time ago that the computer industry considered these old platforms as "no longer useful"; in spite of that, not only the users comunities do survive but the fans that use and bring these machines beyond the limits, grow as time passes.For its third year RetroEuskal returns to Euskal Encounter with the firm intention of filling it with the most vintage, obsolete and retro in the world of computers.

If you are a user of these plataforms, you want to share experiences with other fans, you feel curiosity about this world, or you simply are interested in the history of the computers, and you think that understanding its past help us understanding the present, RetroEuskal is a meeting point for you.

Among the activities held this year, you will find:

  • Retrocomputing Museum
  • 8 and 16 bit machines exposition, personally held by their respective owners.

    You can come closer to know and admire the computing world of passed times, learning about its past and present, through the fans that even nowadays keep the flame of these platforms.

    In addition to this, the museum becomes our meeting point, where not only the fans but also beginners are wellcome.

    If you want to exhibit your 'retro-treasure' contact us in the address stated below.

  • Hardware repairing/modification workshop
  • We know you're storing a vintage 8bit computer into a wardrove that needs to be repaired, that you always wanted to change your Spectrum's keyboard, connect your MSX to the Internet o plug a harddisk to your Amstrad. This is your opportunity to do it with experts and other users' advice!

    Bring your machiche with you, as well as the tools you can carry. Success is not guaranteed, but it is that at least you're going to lose your hardware fears!

  • Lecture
  • We have so much to remember, to learn, to discuss, to improve... That's why, as every year, RetroEuskal brings to you the best documented lecturers, those who were and are in the front line, those who know well the past and the present of computing.

    That is what identifies us the obsoletes, that we like to be the first to know!...

  • The "8bits hour"
  • The origin of Euskal Encounter is the scener world. 8 bits machines are very familiar to this artistic movement, that is why in the mega-screen of the party we will show a selection of 8 bits demos; up-to-date demos that compete in European parties.

  • Classic games tournament
  • If the demoscene is the origin and soul of Euskal Encounter, videogames are part of the scheduled activities.

    Retroeuskal organizes the second Classic videogames Tournament, videogames running in the original machines.

    The best opportunity to have fun with those unforgettable oldies. Do you fancy a shot?

  • Inter-platform dinner
  • It was long time ago that fights between users of different platforms, to decide which system was better, ended. Nowadays that confrontation is just a mere recall we can laugh at. This year during Euskal Encounter, the second interplatform dinner will be held with lot of fun guaranteed.

    We will provide information about the dinner in the museum, 'whichever platform you belong to'

RetroEuskal is a group opened to every fan. If you want to cooperate with the organization of this event, don´t hesitate to contact us, our mailling-list is awaiting for your contribution.

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