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Last update: Jan-30-2007

Pump it up

After the experience we had last year in the music and dance games area, we will be there again in the present edition providing more activities and tournaments.

Pump it Up is the only dance game to have a world level championship: World Pump it Up Festival, which is played yearly, and moreover this year an European Championship will be held for the first time.

EPF: European Pump it Up Festival

CATEGORY: Freestyle (individual or in pairs).

PRIZE: Trip and participant ticket for the World Pump it Up Festival.

PLACE: Euskal Encounter (Barakaldo).

DATES: 22nd to 25th July 2006.

PARTICIPANTS: Everyone living in an European country except for Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom for this three countries will have their own national classifiers. These classifiers will be held in September & October and supporters in each of those countries will make public the exact date and place of each event.

We hope that participants from all around Europe will meet to make friends, play Pump and enjoy an experience which we expect will be as close to WPF Korea as possible.

Besides pumpers from Italy and the United Kingdom will be invited.


A national classifier tournament will be held for World Pump it Up Festival 2006 España.

OFFICIAL CATEGORIES: Men's Speeder, Women's Speeder (non classifier for WPF 2006 España) and Freestyle.

NON-OFFICIAL CATEGORIES: Usual and hard Speeder.

This tournament will be organised by Spanish supporters and will abide by the usual rules for tournaments (see

For further information you might contact the following e-mail address:

Euskaltel: batzen gaituena - lo que nos une


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