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Last update: Jan-30-2007
General info
Euskal Encounter 15


Our web will be soon available. Remember that the 15th edition will be held from 20th to 23rd July 2007.

General info
We close the extranet and we open the intranet


In an hour the check in process will start in the BEC so we are going to close the extranet and open the intranet installed in the BEC.

From now on you will have to manage your inscription related issues in the BEC or writting to Olatz ( ).

Happy partying.

General info
Take pot luck in BAR BEC!


BAR BEC! cafe invites you to take pot luck, and try and win 10 pasta dishes or sandwiches (it's up to you)by correctly answering before 12.00 to the question which will be daily put forward in their web site.

General info


Information made public on talks in the party.

General info


Information has just been made public on the service offered in the cafe.

General info
Left luggage boxes for loan.


This year there will also be some boxes for you to hire.

Info. on game section.


All the available situation on the games' section has just been made public.

General info
Smoking is forbidden in BEC premises.


Owing to laws enforced against tobacco abuse smoking is forbidden in BEC premises, even in the cafe. A special outdoor area will be prepared for smokers between pabillions 3 and 5.

General info
Information on car park.


We have just made public information on car park conditions for this year's edition.

Free Software
Free software section.


Information has just been publishe in the free software section.



We have just made some information public on the activities Reciclanet will hold during the party.

Judge rules posted.


Information has just been made public on modding competitions jury.

Judge rules posted.


Information has already been published in the scene section on rules for juries this year . Have a careful look at them for some changes have been made.

General info
Screen rental available.


We have just activated the screen rental service.

Read the rules of the service carefully before renting a screen.

RetroEuskal section published.


Information on RetroEuskal’06 has just been made public.

General info
Scene seat unlocking.


We announce that on June 23rd, at 10:30 we are unlocking the seats reserved and not yet occupied for sceners.

After that, anybody will be able to choose a seat in that area. Remember that it is possible to change your seat through the extranet system.

GameGune qualifiers.


Information on two new GameGune qualifiers in Asturias and Cordoba has just been made public.

Extreme Overclock exhibition.


Information has just been published on the extreme Overclock exhibition taking place in the party.

Gamegune 2006 Classifier - Bilbao.


As it is getting usual, the 2006 Gamegune will have a classifier in Bilbao, which once again will be organised by zoR.

These are the details:

- Date: 24 & 25 June.
- Place: ciber konekta2 Bilbao,

Should you like to rinse any doubt organisers have provide the following e-mail:

Pump It Up related section published.


As you can see in the attached link we have just made public a section related to Pump It Up activities in the party.

General info
Information on accommodation.


We have just made public a special offer from Bilbao Barakaldo Novotel Hotel.

Gamegune classifier announced for the LLeidalanparty.


This party will be held in Lleida for its third edition on 29 and 30th April.

Within its gaming pro competition, the Lleida Gaming Contest, a Counter Strike tournament will be played as a classifier for the 2006 Gamegune. Organisers will award the winner with 1200€, and also 800€ for the two best classified clans. What is more they will pay the Euskal Encounter 14 entrance fee for the six people in the winning clan as well as guaranteing their access to Gamegune.

Further information in

Info about games published.


We have published some information concerning the amateur games in the party.

General info
The seat reservation proccess has started.


You can already book a seat in the extranet.

You can get to the extranet using the link on the right menu of this web page.

General info
Seats map published.


As you can see on the menu on the right of this page you can already check the seats' map.

You can't book a seat yet but you can already start thinking about where you would like to sit.

General info
First party place.


We have published party place's renders so that you can check how the seats will be distributed.

Info about scene published.


We have published some information concerning the scene.

General info
General infoBooking period.


The seat booking period will start on 6th April, Thursday, at 4:00 pm .

Since that moment you can book a seat through the extranet. Once you have done so you'll receive an explanatory e-mail with the bank payment procedure.

As soon as we confirm your payment you will be able to go to the extranet and choose your seat. (If you are part of a group your group's administrator will have to select the seats for the whole group before you can choose one of them).

General info
Preinscription form.


Due to an error in our software, some fields of the prescription form haven´t been completed.

Please, check that your preinscription form is complete.

Thanks a lot.

General info
Preinscription process.


The preinscription process will start the 17th April.

Along that day, a link will appear in the right menu of this web. With this link you will be able to access to our extranet and start the preinscription process. The seat booking will start at least two weeks later.

If you had already preinscribed in Euskal Encounter's web for past editions, remember you can use the access information you got that time.

General info
Euskal Encounter 14 website is online.


We've just set up Euskal Encounter 14 website. We'll be adding information to it in the following weeks.

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