Euskal Encounter 14 Coding your life!
Last update: Jan-30-2007

Entrance ticket reservation

This year's ticket price for Euskal Encounter is 40 €. It doesn't matter wether you reserve your ticket or not.

GameGune participants must also buy an entrance ticket to Euskal Encounter 14, one for each clan member.

Reservations must be done using our extranet, which will be accesible from the right menu when the reservation period starts. Those who have an Euskal 11,12 or 13 user can use it for Euskal 14, so that they don't have to create a new one.

This year we'll have 3,584 seats for computers.

Should you have any problems with your reservation or the extranet system, please contact

Ticket reservation step-by-step

You can reserve using two different ways:

  1. In group (preferred method):
    • First, each group member must fill in party preinscription form.
    • Someone (the group admin) creates a group and gives it's name and password to his/her friends.
    • Friends join the group using password given by group admin.
    • When reservation starts, group admin reserves place for the entire group. Nobody can join the group anymore.
    • Group admin does the payment for the ENTIRE group in a single bank transference.
    • Group admin receives confirmation-of-payment email.
    • Group admin chooses where in partyplace will seat the group.
    • Group members choose each one his own seat out of group's seats.
  2. Individual reservation: reserve a place for youself and do your payment. You'll receive a confirmation email and then will be able to choose a seat/place in the party. Just wait until reservation is open.

Using any of the above methods, you'll be able to select your seat in the partyplace only after we receive your payment and confirm your reservation. Group admins will choose seats for all the group and each group member will be able to select its place out of group's seats.

Procedure to give your ticket back

It's important that those of you who finally won't be able to come to the party give your seat reservation back. If you do so we will be able to assign your seat to other people that wanted to come to the party but didn't get a seat on time.

As a prize for doing so you will get these:

  • If you let us know before July the 1st you will get 30 €.
  • If you let us know before July the 15th you will get 20 €.
  • If you let us know before July the 21th you will get an Euskal Encounter 14's t-shirt.

To start this process write to with the word "Devolucion" in the subject of the e-mail.

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