Euskal Encounter 14 Coding your life!
Last update: Jan-30-2007


Lecture series.*

* Although most of this talks have already been confirmed, the possibility exists for a few of them to be chaged or for some new ones to be added; anyway we will inform you punctually.

Saturday 22

  • 11.00 Developers aimed Interactive - Koldo Unanue (Business developement manager - Euskaltel)
  • 12.00 Internet as a nets web. Where does our traffic go through and why - Octavio Alfageme (Data engineering responsible - Euskaltel)
  • 13.00 SalleSat: Acommunications satelite for ham radio operators - Javier Arribas Lázaro & Ana Maria Manzanares (Sallesat?s developement team members)
  • 16.00 Extreme freezing technichs: Dry ice powder - Ibon Urrutiabeascoa, Luis Agudo & Jordi Galderic
  • 17.00 How to survive without MS Windows? GNU/Linux for non-initiated - Jon Valdés & Unai Aguilera (eGhost)
  • 18.00 Introduction to public key infrastructure - Miguel López (Univ. Alcalá de Henares researcher)
  • 19.00 Distant horizons? Exploration on classical machines' hardware limits - Jörn Mika, "Prodatron" (Creator of S.O. SymbOS for Amstrad CPC and MSX)

Sunday 23

  • 11.00 GNU/Linux inlight surroundings - Israel Gayoso (GNU/LiNUX system admin.)
  • 12.00 High availability in GNU/Linux - Israel Gayoso (GNU/LiNUX system admin.)
  • 13.00 Round table: WEB developement trends
  • 17.00 How to get a job making video games - Ismael Raya (Pyro - Estudios programmation head)
  • 18.00 Digital cinema and video post-production - Santiago Prada (Vida Digital video professional appliance teacher (

Monday 24

  • 11.00 Web developement with ASP.NET 2.0 - Jokin Cuadrado ( web developer)
  • 12.00 Getting a Podcast from zero - Alvaro Martínez ( Podcastellano)
  • 13.00 Round table on Modding
  • 16.00 VoIP: Traditional telephony through th Internet - Rafa Martínez (Euskadi Digital)
  • 17.00 How to programme a graphic agenda with Python + Qt -Carles Pina (Catux member)

* "Do use Free software in business! - Iker Castaños (GLUB member)" date and timetable for this talk will be announced in due time.

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