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Last update: Aug-31-2004

Where and when?

This year the party will be held in Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), in Barakaldo, from 22th to 25th July. The party will start at 10:00 on thursday 22th, and will end at 18:00 on sunday 25th.

Attender identification will start on July the 21th at 10:00 until midnight. It will be possible to identify and get party entrance ticket from 8:00 to 24:00 the other days, except on sunday 25th, that it will be possible until 17:00.

Attenders will be able stay in the party place on both 21th to 22th and 25th to 26th nights, just doing their business or sleeping. Be aware that you must arrive to partyplace before midnight to enter on 21th.

Azkon has prepared a Barakaldo map with road access from different places and hotels and hostals at Barakaldo. The map weight is 2.7 Mb. He has prepared another one with interesting places (500Kb)

BEC has an underway station (Ansio station) just besides it, so you can come by tube from Bilbao. You can arrive Bilbao by bus, train or plane. The airport has a bus that goes to Bilbao, and there you can take the underway.


We'll have Bizkaia Arena pavilion for the main party court, with about 31,000 m2 of surface. Bizkaia Arena has conditioned air, so that we'll have a good temperature at the party.

We'll set up part of Bizkaia Arena with chairs, tables and 10 microwave ovens so that you can have dinner there. There will be additional free electric plugs so that you can use your own household-electrics. It is forbidden to plug household-electrics in the computer zone.

We've prepared some renders so that you can see the aproximate layout of the main court:

Main court distribution

Render 1 Render 2 Render 3 Render 4

We'll have more than 4,000 m2 of additional space for resting room, besides but separated from the main court. The floor does not have moquette nor floor-tile, so you'd better take something to lie on.

We'll have showers for men and women too.

Left-luggage boxes

This year we'll have some left-luggage boxes to keep things safe. Box dimensions will be 40x30x50cm and we suggest you use them in groups. The loan for each box will cost 15 €. If you're interested in a box please send a message to to pre-reserve one before July, the 2nd, as we'll have a limited number of boxes.

Monitor renting

This year it will be possible to rent a monitor during party days. Monitor will be rented by XLAN and the model will be Samtron 76E of 17". The renting price will be 30 €. If you'd like to rent a monitor, you can request one inside the party extranet after your payment has been confirmed. It is necessary to request previously the monitor before July, the 2nd; there is a limited number of them and they'll be assigned in order of request. The payment will be done on the party.


We'll have a Bar service with drinks and sandwiches. It will be open from 7:30 to 24:00, starting on thursday and until sunday.


BEC is preparing pavilion #6 so that you can park your cars there. Pavilion #6 is besides the party pavilion. The parking cost is 6€, an amount you must pay each time you take your car out of the parking.

You can unload your luggage and take it inside the party without going through any stairs, but remember that you must get your entrance first.

Euskaltel: batzen gaituena - lo que nos une

Party extranet

Occupation map


SPRI - Sociedad para la Promoción y Reconversión Industrial
BBK - Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa
Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
GameGune: Euskal Encounter game competition
CPL Summer 2004 Extreme Championship
Euskalamiga Party System 1.2.4

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