Euskal Encounter 12 - BEC Bizkaia 2004 join the family!
Last update: 31-Aug-2004

Resultados de Euskal Encounter 12

Formato TXT

Animación 3D

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Fuji el Ninja by Telemaco / S3D163 
2Maibols by Animax3D/Purples Studios147 
3futura 2300 episodio 2 by kuazar107 
6Se va se va se va por el barranquillo by ferdy18265 


PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Zachito by JosSs/Sector Omega174 
2Trainbration by Wonder / Stravaganza137Versión final
3trip to london by sergeeo / dust inc.127Versión final
4you have to explode by nork102 
5Sick on sunday morning by Debi63 
6rebuild by sole59 
7Too fast too... fast by herotyc/asynkro57Versión final
8Chip & Chop by Shotgan / Cathedral54 
8m017a'fh3ina by trace / XPLSV54 
10Join to the Family by MrKhaki / Cathedral42 
11Chipa-Chups by hÿsp / enigma14 
Fuera de concurso10korpia by trace / xplsv- 

Disenyo KMS

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1KMS by Leunam/Network166 
2KMS by Telemaco/S3D158 
3KMS by Capitán Ardacho57 
4KMS by djyuis46 
5KMS by Juan Carlos Jimenez45 
6KMS by Laian40 
7KMS by Nekow34 
8KMS by Slayer32 
9KMS by Antonio Egea Diaz29 
10KMS by pitu@66628 
11KMS by Newen27 
12KMS by Yugger24 
13KMS by Lares22 
14KMS by Xervas21 
14KMS by Unaiaia21 
16KMS by Drake20 
17KMS by Wipass17 
18KMS by MrSilver16 
19KMS by joan josep pons lopez13 
20KMS by Balder12 
21KMS by Pionero10 
22KMS by Cracky8 
23KMS by hysp6 
24KMS by Oyabun5 
24KMS by kazenokamy5 
26KMS by Xan4 
27KMS by Ondarru2 
28KMS by ndb0 
28KMS by OscarJ0 
28KMS by wail0 
28KMS by Pai0 

Fast 2D

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1munipas by Telemaco / s3D224 
2cepos by d0up189 
3No me da tiempooooo by Hysp/Enigma173 
4esfenodon fast by esfenodon106 
5concurso by Pai85 
6guardias poniendo multa by wail/Enigma84 
7PagaExtra by Teleñekos50 
8Munipa by Yamaneko / Motsukora46 
8Atrapados by PTGui46 
10polis y gruas by inthenite25 
11Maquinas mal aparcadas by Iñigo Artundo (Arcan)20 
12EuskalCepo by Austin/ Enigma11Versión final
ceporro by ceporrroDesc. 

Fast 3D

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1b0rg14 by trace/xplsv162 
2Dentro para siempre by esfenodon136 
3"Muuu!!!" by DjShivan y Narko128 
4Inthemoon by Telémaco / S3D88 
5CP Fast 3D Euskal by CP S3D64 
6Euskal on the moon ;) by kaze59 
7PerfectOne by SamFa52 
8Euskal Okela by hess / Sharku Team51 
9euskal encounter on the moon by barby / Mungiako Scene42 
10hemen hobeto by slayer20 
11Encounter Parking by Freddy/SOGA19Versión final
12Beach by Arturo Masca Team14 

Fast Coding

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1hysp fast code by hysp/enigma155 
2WaterOCarmen by BP & DrPain / Fuzzion140Versión final
3FastMontanyas by Thenend115Versión final
4retroscape by NapalM/Zon@n92 
5Landoescapio by droggo/Rain Studios70 
6SmelDotHair by Isaac and Kylian52 
InTerren by Matabyte/HanakawaRet. 

Fast Music

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Loj 40 Gingle by Wonder / Stravaganza152 
2jingle_chip40 by sergeeo / dust inc.122Versión final
3los 40 by nork/network119 
440ppales_2 by MrKhaki-thEpOpE/Cathedral88 
5fast40 by CMOS81 
6el oso by Joan Josep Pons Lopez71 
7cuña dance by xkywalker52 
8Ekparty loop by Julen Larrucea46 

Graficos 2D

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Friends by Interface & Jull / BoaH244 
2nena by eljud & marius /rgba184 
3Edén perdido. by pwyll/rgba140 
4colours of life by hÿsp / enigma128 
5Azul by Ibartxo/gum79 
6Fruto by eXr/whopers69 
7Saloon by Pare56 
8Ofrenda by Telemaco / S3D46 
925 Agost by Frankitu/Collapse41 
10Why Me by burner/bioxphere31 
11Be careful by Javier Ramirez / Animax3d25 
12SN (Sin nombre) by xma/Enigma16 
13supa -- realy good taste by E-PhasE / Groupe K10 
14LifeIsBeautiful by Duncan / Groupe K7 
15Tiempos Metálicos by Esfenodon6 
16Agobiado by Kashe2 
17euskalcepos by NapalM / Zon@n0 
172D RULEZ by Corkie/ Groupe K0 
17Lovecraft by SamFa / Groupe K0 
Shock Vs. Frank by Shock - Frank/CollapseRet. 

Graficos 3D

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1My dear egg by marius/rgba169 
2Arpia by d0up^dust inc.147 
3Billy barraskilloa by Animax/Purples Studios125 
4Aerodeslizador by Telémaco / S3D93 
5Betey Nena by DjShivan & Narko69 
6habitacion by Eriz Garcia StN68 
7Ogro 1 - Trasgo 0 by Frankitu/Collapse43 
8Mercedes by Iñigo Gutierrez StN36 
9Cabeza by Rex / Purple Studios32 
10Luciernaga by CP/S3D26 
11Mosqui by jongoart / palmeras22 
12monasterio by Gorka Rodrigo StN12 
12Pletina Technics Quartz Direct Drive Turntable Sys by ARIAN/DiarioLinux12Versión final
14palace by kuazar10 
15Devorg by Andres Cardoso StN8 
16CocoNuts PostCard by SamFa2 
16DEsierto by Esfenodon2 
18Mini by Roberto Teijeiro0 

High Quality Music

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1This cold hug by Wonder / Stravaganza137Versión final
2the best moment by nork/network134 
3Pendulo by FX!101 
47 de agosto by sergeeo / dust inc.94Versión final
5You Need Love by Wizard/Collapse59 
6Wonderful World by Jober/rgba56 
7enter the loop by Ivan "merlucin" Fernandez / Spöntz55Versión final
8La Venganza del Guerrero by SiNkRO/TRILOGIC44 
9could by CMOS37 
10Fading Bloom by oxiroxt32 
11Lie no more by Debi / GUM27 
12Monologue by KrHonHoS/HardLimit24Versión final
13super rara, jo! by sole20 
14Rescuing Lady Higgins by PeRRuKi12 
15Royal Discordia by PsilocYbe / PsilocYbe dreams11 
16Irreal by Burton/Electroduendes8Versión final
16Everybody by ^Alf^/HardLimit8Versión final
18Katanak eta beste maitasun tramankuloak by Ipurbeltz6 
18Summer Rain by Natxo6Versión final
20Silk Noise by cybrid / Freestylers5Versión final
21vx by Manuel Quintans4 
22Sanctus Deus!! by MrKhaki-thEpOpE/Cathedral2 
23D.O.S. by Shitdown manolito1 
24Single Chill by Amisu/HardLimit0Versión final
24Chicas Nº1 De La Euskal by DK10Versión final

Modding Estetico

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Piramide by Duiops103 
2Silent Blue by Chaendler/Metamods100 
3Butanil by Ginkler/Mod-pc91 
4Microndas by EduardPC / Hardlimit68 
5Alien vs Predator by BlueAlien/Underclocking54 
6Castillo by jongoart / Palmeras52 
7White Gandalf by Oskar44 
8PCera by Darwin / Spontz37 
8Cubito by HanZejo37 
10xtreme-cooling by xtreme-cooling/metamods28 
11Volcano by Marble_Fx/HardLimit24 
12DIVX_pc by Blue_Dragon / TLK23 
13Orange Bullet by Lord_RTKK / Metamods20 
14Telaraña by GUANE / KKWINDOWS16 
15IXO by 8 
16BiSkUiT by NeUrO/Goblis6 
17_ToRNaDo_ by _ToRNaDo_4 
18Gattaca by Gattaca2 
18Qwerty Box by LydelLord / Qwerty2 
18haflinmodding by haflin2 
21Blue_Dragon by Blue_Dragon / TLK1 
22BiG oNe by Xenom0rph/underclocking0 
22BioHazard by [^SpAwN^]0 
22The Biggest Box by Kal1d0r/underclocking0 
22Dipolo by Messerchmitt / Hardlimit0 
azulito by c3p0Ret. 

Modding Tecnico

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Silent Blue by Chaendler/Metamods107 
2Butanil by Ginkler/Mod-pc97 
3Orange Bullet by Lord_RTKK / Metamods83 
4xtreme-cooling by xtreme-cooling/metamods70 
5Cubito by HanZejo62 
6Alien vs Predator by BlueAlien/undercloking53 
7BiG oNe by Xenom0rph/underclocking45 
8Pantallazo Azul by GLoWnT40 
9Microndas by EduardPC37 
10IXO by 32 
11TupperWare by Siilex26 
12The Biggest Box by Kal1d0r/Underclocking19 
13PCera by darwin18 
14_ToRNaDo_ by _ToRNaDo_14 
15BioHazard by [^SpAwN^]10 
16Volcano by Marble_Fx/HardLimit6 
17Dipolo by Messerchmitt / Hardlimit1 
17DaKoTa by J_JuMp/HardLimit1 


PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Do Lusia by JosSs/Sector Omega152 
2do you like pico´s bread by nork/network140 
3Livin by Wonder / Stravaganza137Versión final
4Hummm by Wizard/Collapse98 
5Orbital airlines by herotyc/asynkro81Versión final
6Easy Bustrip by xkywalker / bioxphere64 
7Jungle Bells by chip / SFL52 


PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Newport groove by Wonder / Stravaganza158Versión final
1Funk Off by JosSs/Sector Omega158 
3the secret of donsi island by sergeeo / dust inc.101Versión final
4Iced Love Rivers by Debi82 
4My Distant Soul by Wizard/Collapse82 
6Azure Galaxia by herotyc/asynkro71Versión final
7when i try to forget by sole61 
8Feel My OldSkull GB by E-PhasE [Groupe K]38 

Open 4Kb Compo

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1frogzilla by fuzzion225Versión final
2TxalaparTron by Thenend150 
3GrK-03 - Elliptic DNA by Groupe K149 
4EvoLuTion by KneDa129 
5qutro by Necrostudios100 

Open Demo Compo

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Arise by Stravaganza250Versión final
2The DemoThing by Spöntz191 
3Illuminata by Collapse142 
4hard dreamings by tlotb102 
5Dead Planet by Trilogic Team91 
6Yand by Zona Neutra79 
7codecolors by ppg53 
8up by gum50 
9Art Slices by Solstice46Versión final
10GO by Serial Numbers39Versión final
11Epitaph by SYNTH23 
12Bergidum by Bergidum Produccions9 
13Behind Deadline by BiXo.NeT4 
13First Incursion by Efreet4 
15K.L. by Komando Leproso0 
ReVolution - evolution act 2 by Purples StudiosRet. 

Open Intro Compo

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Paradise by rgba225Versión final
2::crv by Concept+Polygon180Versión final
3Codex Permutatio by Ham/Software Failure170 
4we have donsi by asynkro110 
5r4nd0m name here by collapse94 
6rhythm by gum80 
7Null Time by chip/Pantuflas Software73 
8Traveller by GUM44 
9AcidBurn by farsa34 


PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Chig uau a by Humphrey250 
2Backgirl by TMinobu195 
3Girls by Ayame / Network161 
4Chica montada en un Jabali hablando con un duende by Frankito/Collapse126 
5slatch5 by Corkie / Groupe K109 

Wild Compo

PosProducciónPuntosVersión final
1Deconstrucciones by Voodoo Kdaver130 
2Star Wars by Masca Team105 
3Signtophia by Bad_CRC-Golgo13 / Frozen-Layer93 
4PsilocYbe dreams by PsilocYbe dreams92 
5Terror en la Euskal by MaCrOsS62 
6El hombre y el PC by emebe58 
Fuera de concursoScene Wars - Storyboard Prealpha by HardNULL- 
Euskaltel: batzen gaituena - lo que nos une

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SPRI - Sociedad para la Promoción y Reconversión Industrial
BBK - Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa
Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
GameGune: Euskal Encounter game competition
CPL Summer 2004 Extreme Championship
Euskalamiga Party System 1.2.4

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