Animación 3D

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Terrible Witch by Newalpha163 
2Toy Destroy by Purple Stydios127 
3Instinto Animal by Xtrusion111 
4e-volution by S3D107 
5navy war by kuazar68 
6The beginin of the end by Khiro / OERN64 
7Eraserheads by Marcos y Bernabe44 
8Euskal: "the way" by CO. CA. 3D42 
9prisas by Arturo/masca22 


PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Arcade game music by sergeeo/dust inc126 
2yerotika by Josss121 
3Chips & something else by Vampinox104 
4Chip me la by Wonder/Stravaganza95 
5Jw_chip by Jewoll/rgba90 
6Another chip by finnr/level6476 
7Tune up the mobile by thEpOpE / #crackers47 
8Gotta find the point by Sole37 
9chip heart 10k version by chip / Software Failure34 
10fruit & eggs by debi & necrox/gum21 
by Disq. 

Fast 2D

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Fast 2d by Shock/Collapse189 
2fast2d by Doup135 
3fastgtfx by ayame&FireBite69 
4fast2d-burner by burner/bioxphere64 
5Rumbo a la Euskal by Alvaro Prieto/Marte44 
6Traete a la peña by Mamomo/Soga42 
7Fast Shit by Lord Raptor40 
7Fat 2d by Tritio40Final version
9Fast_Kensi by Kensi_Synth36 
10Octopus to the party by HTDREAMS32 
11Bichoeuskal by Mi cacharro/underclocking24 
12PesadaCarga by bloowitt18 
12Prisas by Croim18 
14EkTakingovertheworld by Kulebril/FRAC17 
15My_head by Ransom16 
16fast 2d by pai14 
16Subidón subidón! by Sole14 
18jamaica by Arturo/masca12 
18euski by bfx&alabama12 
18Que se cae - fast2d by xkywalker/bioxphere12 
21Fast Muñeco by NapalM0 

Fast 3D

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Mochuelo by Telemaco113 
2Camping Encounter by djshivan68 
3Aqui apesta by d0up62 
4dormido by masca55 
6Todos a sobar by xkywalker/bioxphere50 
7El ultimo cigarro by Jonathan32 
8nosinagua by maria/MS29 
9Sobodromo by Amon-Amok26 
10satandj by satandj/dunkers23 
11interior by mungiako scene11 
12Freddy3D by Freddy/SOGA8Final version
Menuda mierda de dormitorio by MotsukoraRet. 

Fast Coding

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Fast fuzzion by Fuzzion158 
2The Real Shit by IceVAN/Purple s Studios145 
3Fast rgba by rgba117 
4Old School Unfinished by Matabyte / Hanakawa109 

Fast Music

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Donsi power by Wonder/Stravaganza150 
2jevichip by finnr/level 64110 
3gamerz ballad by srg / dust inc105 
4Fucking Shit Fast Music by Wizard/Collapse99 
4El counter es incompatible con la fast music by Sole99 
6FastMusic sux y con la megafonia a toda leche mas by DarkMan/bioxphere58 
7PseudoShit by Jober/RGBA51 
8Las prisas son malas y con counter peor by xkywalker/bioxphere44 
9SUCKS by Doub/fb26 

Graficos 2D

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Stalker by Jull&Interface/BoaH208 
2The mekkanic by Shock/Collapse191 
3mother nature: dressed in black by pwyll/rgba142Final version
4azul by eljud&r3d134 
5Bodellon by McOwen82 
6Rise of the machines by burner/bioxphere80 
7Sarah by xkywalker/bioxphere68 
82 by Rogeman46 
9ahi va la bala by Lord Raptor34 

Graficos 3D

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Enemy Territory by r3D/rgba175 
2Buzz Lightyear by Iñigo Gutiérrez112 
3The jarrrrllll by Shock/Collapse110 
5Mercedes WIP by DjShivan94 
6Fatman by Mamomo/SOGA84 
7Callejón by Masca / Masca Team45 
8Barbys Song by Barby/MS27 
8Sin Tiempo by Iñaki Mendezona27 
10Final Battle by Hanakawa26 
11Calma by Maria/MS14 
11Cupula by jongoart14 
bicho by alvaro / croinDisq. 

High Quality Music

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Those Days by Vampinox100 
2Laura by FX!99 
3The glimmering indigo sea by Wonder/Stravaganza92 
4Illusions by SiNkRO73 
5Atomic guru by Armidas/Boah59 
6Ó berce da lua by Jewoll/rgba55 
7Rohan by Astrakant/Boah51 
8The Swallowers by Nork46 
9Headache 7 by khrome / threepixels43Final version
11The Orb by Merlucin / Spontz27Final version
12BilbaOne by Heto21 
13Eternity by Rober Rodriguez/Serpix18 
14Exotic Dream by Brainware/Black Ice13 
15Alegría! by Sole12 
16Just Sound by Cybrid10 
16Rios de sangre by Eduardo Pico/Oscar Benito10 
18BASs_Break live by Adrian Rodriguez4 
19Reeveria by Ojanguren/Ikatz2 
20Itsu by Ipurbeltz0 


PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Spanish Blues by JOSS158 
2Alrapuhsa by Wonder/Stravaganza135 
3Disco Juggler by Wizard/Collapse98 
4pussy groove by herotyc/asynkro93 
5Avenger Flight by khrome / threepixels86 
6Golden Age by chip / Software Failure60 
Sabb by Kulebril/fracDisq. 


PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Bloodless Love by Wonder/Stravaganza108 
2Forbidden fruit by Vampinox103 
3Little Surprise by jewoll/rgba95 
4Fill my cup by Wizard/Collapse94 
5Rsrr by Josss81 
6naked girls on your buttocks by herotyc/asynkro64 
7The fourth green button by srg/dust inc62 
8Plastic Dreams by khrome / threepixels55 
9Nobody by finnr/level6436 
10Otro Martini by debi & necrox29 
11Enhance the nuance by Sole26 
12Ewforia 5 by Perruki/Ikatznet9 
13Had the society killed your soul? by thEpOpE / #crackers6 
14Linea Recta by coroccota2 
15Offset by Daniel Rubio0 

Open 4Kb Compo

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1A Full! by Fuzzion225Final version
24kwave by rgba168Final version
3Optima by bfx/jazztyle141 
4Cubes by slack / NecroStudios119 
5eat me by dust inc.112 
6Eiffel by Spock/rgba94 
Tetris2k by AsimmoffRet. 

Open Demo Compo

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1GJ by Mankind220 
2The LifeWay by Spontz165Final version
3The Loser by TLOTB142Final version
4Evolution by Purple Studios103 
5Shake It! by TRILOGIC Team82Final version
70x00CAFE by Necrostudios66 
8Fast! by Hanakawa24 
9PatxanGum by Gum17Final version
9Excusas by HardNULL17Final version
9Avionetu by DAF95XF & RockHound / BiXo17 

Open Intro Compo

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Eilostar by Mankind205 
2MindFlux by Ham/Software Failure164 
3obscenity by dust inc.155 
4powercube by asynkro91 
52 fast 2 intro by Zona Neutra76 
6iNtRoPeZoN by chip / Pantuflas Software75 
7Work by Movedata66 
8PainTro by ElGado58 
9Character evolution by bfx/jazztyle28 


PosProductionPointsFinal version
1Micos by Phornee & Lentium220 
2A bug`s life by Shock/Collapse174 
3Bella y bestia by Headless127 
4Kelly by Ayame/Network116 
5A bit of color in da gray citty by TMinobu108 
6Johnny Melenas (Monstruo) by Sole74 
7bicho by Alvaro/croin58 

Wild Compo

PosProductionPointsFinal version
1This guay by Sole175 
2Mini Dreams by Dreams107 
3Party Wars by Xtrusion94 
4Yonkidis by Lord Raptor81 
5Friqui´s Evolution by Inopia63 
6Que no te engañen by n3k0rA59 
7Infiltrator by Madalena Unibertsitatea53 
8El Asesino by Zafio/CUAPV42 
9Wild Compo by FácilEntertaiment40